Garda who suffered internal injuries while making arrest awarded €36k

Garda who suffered internal injuries while making arrest awarded €36k

A garda, who suffered internal injuries when she was punched and kicked while making an arrest, was today awarded more than €36,000 compensation in the High Court.

Mr Justice Bernard Barton said that Garda Nicola Gorman had been kicked and punched in the ribs, chest and lower back and wrenched her neck when her hair was tugged violently by the man she was trying to restrain.

Judge Barton said that medical reports revealed that Garda Gorman (35) had suffered contusions to her kidneys and twice in tests following the attack blood had been detected in her urine.

Barrister Garrett Cooney, counsel for Ms Gorman, told the Garda Compensation Hearing that while stationed in Dundalk Garda Station she had served a warrant on a local man who had failed to turn up in court and had arrested him.

Mr Cooney, who appeared with Esther McGahon McGuinness Solicitors, said the man had been handcuffed and as he was being led towards the squad car had become extremely violent, kicking out at Garda Gorman and two of her colleagues.

“He became so violent we had to call for back-up and it took six more of my colleagues to get him into the car,” Garda Gorman told the court.